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Featured Brewery of the Month: Blue Toad Hard Cider

Blue Toad Hard Cider was conceived in 2013 in the back of a cold garage in Scottsville, New York by three childhood friends with diverse backgrounds who share a common upbringing and a common desire to consume high quality alcoholic beverages. All three graduated from Wheatland-Chili High School; all three made good in different fields and walks of life; all three reunited over good times and good drinks to bring Western New York-grown apples to the hard-cider drinking masses.

Born in a barn, Blue Toad Cider honors the tradition and legacy of America’s first preferred beverage by brewing an all-natural and eminently drinkable hard cider using locally grown apples in Western New York. Rather than solely using European-style tart and bitter apples, Blue Toad Hard Cider uses a cider blend of three to four different apple varieties (replete with natural seasonal variation) grown in areas near Rochester, New York. Our production takes place at our cidery located in the Genesee Regional Market in Rochester, New York. We believe our cider is different – more authentic, more drinkable, more responsibly produced, more of an experience – than the more mass-produced ciders that may use imported concentrates.

Our vision at Blue Toad Hard Cider is and will always be to to produce an all-natural, high quality, highly drinkable hard cider using only the very best locally grown New York apples. Blue Toad Hard Cider offers you a traditional beverage that has evolved with the times into a modern and deliciously distinctive libation.

Our Flagship Flavors:

Flower City Blonde 4.9% ABV
A crisp and fruity cider born and bred in Western New York, using a blend of the finest local Golden Delicious, Empire and Crispin apples. A light cider that is pale straw-colored and clean-tasting with a bright taste of fresh apples that finishes with luscious pear notes.

ROC Hard Amber 5.5% ABV
Bolder than many, more assertive than most! A fusion of tannic apple flavors derived from a blend of locally grown apples creates a highly sessionable, copper-colored cider with hints of caramel, molasses, butterscotch, and raisins.

Black Cherry 6.0% ABV
A crisp, fruity and effervescent cider that is handcrafted to enjoy year-round. Our Black Cherry Hard Apple Cider is created using only the finest locally grown apples, and infused with black cherries, to produce a serenely smooth and sessionable cider.

Our Seasonal Flavor:

Blueberry 5.5 % ABV (Spring/Summer Seasonal)
This cider is sure to send your taste buds into a tizzy! The cider making process includes fresh blueberries along with a blend of three local apple varieties. These berries are broken open during mid fermentation and as expected, tons of flavor and tannins create a perfectly balanced Apple Blueberry Cider.


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