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Featured Brewery of the Month: Funky Bow Beer Company

What would a brewery be without a story to compliment its rich flavorful beers? My father Paul and I were estranged for seven years. To this day, we are not sure why, but this is the story of Funky Bow Beer Company.

When we finally reunited it was over a cold beer. At the time, my father was growing his winter farm business, while I was being educated in the sciences. As I was preparing to graduate from college and working in a microbiology lab, I wrote my father a letter that he kindly responded to, and that started a unique dialogue unlike any we have had.

That very Christmas he bought me the Cadillac of homebrew kits. We started developing a few beers that we kept around for our own enjoyment. One of these brews happened to be So Folkin’ Hoppy. Shortly thereafter, I considered pursuing my Ph.D. at the University of California, Davis. In hopes of keeping me on the East Coast, my father asked me if I wanted to start a brewery on his farm. My answer, as you can imagine, was hell yes!

Today, Funky Bow Beer Company is a small brewery nestled on a 20-acre farm in the hills of Lyman, Maine. My father and I are still committed to making beers that we love to drink. Our style is as unique as our landscape; we intertwine a clean American ale style with a rustic twist. Nothing at Funky Bow is plain and/or normal; our beers will always challenge your taste buds in the best of ways. 

We are excited to bring our beers to the Capital Region! DeCrescente is now distributing canned versions of our core lineup, including our flagship So Folkin’ Hoppy IPA brewed with a generous addition of Galaxy hops; G-String Pale Ale, a smooth and drinkable American Pale Ale; and Jam Session IPA, a dry and crisp IPA with a slightly sweet finish. Look for these great beers at a beer retailer nearest you!



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