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Featured Brewery of the Month: Highway Manor Brewing Company

Featured Brewery of the Month: Highway Manor Brewing Company

Feb 01, 2017 | Featured Brewery

In 2010, the stars aligned and a passionate, young homebrewer named Johnnie Leroy Compton III had a chance encounter with Tom Peters of Monk’s CafĂ© in Philadelphia. Following this fateful meeting, his horizons expanded, and Johnnie set about recreating a lambic brewery in his house – an 1840’s manor home in Liverpool, Pennsylvania christened Highway Manor, from which his brewery, Highway Manor Brewing Company, gets its name.  

Johnnie aspired to create beers without the use of commercial yeast strains. Instead, he mined the terroir of Highway Manor and its surroundings. Johnnie’s beers utilize open-top, wild fermentation; pulling bacteria and yeast from the air to achieve a distinctive wild and funky flavor. Johnnie brewed at home for five years, perfecting his recipes and cultivating his yeast strains, before finally moving into a production facility in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania in 2015. His proprietary yeast strains came with him, hitching a ride in hundreds of barrels in which Highway Manor Brewing Company deep-ages all of their distinctive saisons and sours.
Highway Manor beers ferment without temperature controls, allowing the wild yeast strains to be just that – wild. Johnnie doesn’t kettle sour his beers. All of Highway Manor’s brews sour naturally in the barrel, a result of the hard work preformed by the yeast and bacteria.

Highway Manor Brewing Company is currently making four main brands – SayJohn Saison, a golden sour, Mr. Blueberry and Mr. Strawberry, sours barrel-aged on copious amounts of fresh fruit, and last but certainly not least, Funky Prowler, a dry Irish-style sour stout. Coming soon will be Taste My Place, a golden sour aged longer than Highway Manor’s main lineup, which will highlight the delicious complexity of Johnnie’s proprietary yeast strain.

Whether you’re new to sours or a seasoned veteran, Highway Manor Brewing Company has something for everyone. Hand crafted and aged to perfection, complex yet approachable, Johnnie’s wild creations are top-notch representations of the style.

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