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Featured Brewery of the Month: Mason's Brewing Co.

If you’re looking for a brew from a brewer with just as much passion for beer as you have, then look no further. Mason’s knows the brewing process needs more than just passion, though; it needs science… and they have that too! Mason’s Brewing Company is this month’s featured brewery.
How could you deny that these people LOVE beer when they set up shop in Brewer, Maine? I mean, come on, the town was practically made for brewing beer! 
The name comes from a sailor named John Mason, who discovered and mapped out many of the waterways in Maine back in the 1600s. A few some odd years later, Mason’s legacy and sheer passion live on through the best way possible: BEER! The brewery takes pride in the way it blends history and modern technology… from malting to mashing, boiling to fermenting, Mason’s continues to make a consistent, quality product every time. 
The creativity that goes into the design of their cans is practically unmatched, with a diverse eye-catching look like "Liquid Rapture" and "Hipster Apocalypse." With higher ABVs of 8.2% and 5.7% respectively, the brews in these cans also catch your taste! The website is craftily designed, appealing and very easy to navigate; it’s like playing a game while searching for beer. Beer isn't the only thing that Mason’s has to offer though; if you check out their website you’ll find a fully equipped menu ranging from burgers to salads and all the way to pie! All combinations sounding like fabulous accompaniments to their brews!
To learn more about Mason’s or to browse their great selection of products, visit: or stop in to say hello at 15 Hardy St. Brewer, Maine. 

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Guest Author

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