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Featured Brewery of the Month: Winner's Circle

Winner’s Circle Brewing Company founded in 2017 by Joel Howard and Bill Newman set out to create a beer to be enjoyed by many but sacrifices nothing with their flagship ‘American Session Ale.’  

The ‘American Session Ale’ is delicately balanced, refreshing and easy drinking. The beer has all of the flavor the American beer drinker has come to expect from a craft beer but it is far more approachable and enjoyable. It is comprised of Cascade and Citra hops and a proprietary blend of malts featuring 2-row and pilsner. The beer tastes like a sweet floral Citra hop note served on a fresh biscuit. 

The recipe was honed by Newman and Klaus Kuhland on a homebrew setup in Klaus’s basement. The team then took their recipe to the Lake George Brew House in Queensbury, NY where it is brewed to perfection on a commercial scale.  

Joel and Bill have dubbed ‘American Session Ale’ as a “post craft beer." It is a new term for the industry but Bill thinks it is an appropriately timed. “The craft beer movement has changed the American beer drinkers palate and the breweries of the present day make crazy over hopped, out of balance beer that are more experimental and not something you want to drink every day. We are trying to create a new standard for the everyday beer drinker.  Like a modern premium domestic but many cuts above the macro brands.”

Bill Newman considered by many in the beer world as the “Godfather of Craft Beer” is known for founding Wm. S. Newman Brewing Co. the first craft brewery east of the Rockies and one of the original three microbreweries in the country in Albany in 1980. He is credited for creating the precursor to the growler and spreading his wealth of knowledge to industry luminaries such as Jim Koch of Boston Beer Company and Larry Bell of Bell’s Brewery in brewing seminars he hosted out of his Learned St. location. 

Joel Howard a Loudonville native who moved out to Colorado after attending Syracuse University. Joel worked his way up in the restaurant business and watched as the craft beer boom exploded in Colorado. He later moved back to Albany knowing that someday he would try his hand in the beer business and conceived the idea of Winner’s Circle before a chance encounter with Newman.  

You can look forward to more beers from Winner’s Circle. The team has an Oktoberfest in the works and has begun work on a porter that will come out as the winter rolls around. 

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