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5 Beers That Won't Ruin Your Summer Bod

5 Beers That Won't Ruin Your Summer Bod

If you’ve worked hard all winter for your bikini-ready body, the last thing you want is to regret going out for a drink afraid all your progress will go out the window. If you’re still working towards those gains or looking to maintain your best self, we have you covered for low-calorie beers that won’t make you feel guilty. Luckily, there are healither options that are out there for you:

64 Calories – Miller 64

Miller 64 is a light, refreshing beer without all those carbs. It’s a new day for beer lovers everywhere who want a crisp, clean taste in a beer that compliments their on-the-go lifestyles. Miller 64 goes through the same cold-filtered, brewing process that Miller Genuine Draft undergoes, giving it a crisp, fresh-from-the tap taste. Miller 64 is winning over people across the U.S. who are looking for a light way to enjoy beer.

95 Calories – Amstel Light

Amstel Light has a unique mixture of barley and hops which delivers a full – never diluted – flavor that’s just as tasty as regular beer. Born in 1980, a special light beer right from Holland, but every bit as thirst-quenching and refreshing.

96 Calories – Miller Lite

Miller Lite is known for its great taste, less filling, well-balanced flavor with a malty note, low bitterness and a light body that defined the American light beer category in 1975. Today, Miller Lite is the ultimate light beer, known for its inherent quality of great taste. A crisp, smooth finish with little aftertaste.

99 Calories – Heineken Light 

Heineken Light has seen remarkable success since its national launch in 2006. It is the culmination of years of research and builds on the craftsmanship and quality Heineken had pioneered in 1873. Heineken Light is a light-tasting, refreshing beer that maintains the subtle cues of the original Heineken signature flavor, enhanced with a balanced Cascade hop aroma.

120 Calories – Marathon 26.2

The official beer of the Boston Marathon! A great tasting, low calorie beer developed by expert brewers with advice from runners & scientists. Perfect for post workout, during training periods, and all-day sessions.

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Lauren Sawicki
Lauren Sawicki

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