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Best Brews for the Beach

Best Brews for the Beach

While there are many ways to beat the heat – pools, A/C, or rolling your windows down – there’s no better way to beat it than getting a few friends together, going to the beach and drinking an ice-cold brew or two! We have selected five refreshing beverages, ranging all the way from malty to fruity, to help you power through all the chaos of the beach. These thirst quenching ice-cold selections will definitely allow you to have a few on the beach without falling asleep in the sun. So join in the party, grab a cooler and some ice, kick back in your beach chair and relax while enjoying a six-pack of these amazing summer drinks.

1. Redd’s Blueberry Ale 

Redd’s Blueberry Ale is a refreshing beer which adds the fruitful flavor of blueberries to an already delicious taste. While it is offered year-round, this 5% ABV blueberry beer complements the “berry” best of summer. 

2. Samuel Adams Summer Ale

Samuel Adams Summer Ale has an amazing blend of orange, lemon, and lime, enhancing the citrus flavor in a classic, crisp wheaty character. This is truly the perfect beer for any summer occasion, but the tropical hints lead you directly to the beach. 

3. Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat

The fresh taste of Blue Moon Summer Honey Wheat is one that will make you want summer to never end (I mean but who does anyway, right?). This filtered beer is crafted with clover honey that is then balanced out with a hint of a citrus finish. 

4. Adirondack Tangerine Summer Dream

Right out of Lake George, NY, this fruity beer is brewed for hot summer days and balmy nights. This sessionable ale is crisp and light and offers all-day drinkability. The hops and tangerine peel combine to create a unique flavor experience that’s sure to be your favorite summer ale.

5. Saranac Summer Haze IPA 

The unfiltered IPA of Saranac Summer Haze has a juicy, tropical taste. From origins not too far west, this Utica, NY, beer offers a hint of citrus to the finish! The perfect summer beer for the perfect summer beach trip. 

For more refreshing summer and beach beers, search them up at our easy to use Beer Finder or browse selections from capital-region establishments with’s customized Beer Radar. No matter the beach, no matter the time… we have a beer for that!

Jacob Bishop
Jacob Bishop

Jacob Bishop is’s Marketing Communications Intern for the Summer of 2019. Just a hop (pun intended), skip and a jump away from completing his Bachelor's Degree in Marketing at Siena College, Jacob loves hanging out with his family & friends. He spends his free time writing, being active and of course, drinking beer! He is very excited to learn more about and gain experience in the beverage & marketing industry this summer with gotbeer.

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