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Brown's Brewing Opens New Location on the Walloomsac River

Brown's Brewing Opens New Location on the Walloomsac River

I was lucky enough to get to check out the new location for Brown's Brewing Company in Hoosick Falls, New York, before they are fully ready for visitors, of course I jumped at the chance!

Craft Brewery on the River

Brown's Brewing Company started as a fully functional craft brewery on the Hudson River’s waterfront in Troy. The Troy location, a remodeled warehouse, was a vision of Garry and Kelly Brown in 1993. In addition to at least 25 yearly styles of their brews they also have a newly constructed speakeasy connected appropriately named “The Malt Room.” Revolution Hall next door has been a staple music venue for years and now has a pretty new face and attitude. Not to mention the Troy location’s amazing food lineup with several beer and food paired dinners on the regular. Recently they have decided to expand their facilities to a larger brewery location on the Walloomsac River. So I met up with Gregg Stacy, their Vice President, for a look at the new brewery that is in the works.

The land almost seems untouched in the last 100 years. There is a tranquility throughout the entire brewery and packaging facility, and a calmness to the environment surrounding it. You can choose to cross a bridge overlooking a wild, little waterfall or look into the trees and notice some of the wildlife. What I took away from my day with Brown's Brewing was that they have an honest and open respect for the environment as well as the history of the Capital Region. To me, very much a city girl, I felt a calmness with the surroundings throughout my visit. Hearing the river, feeling the sunshine on my cheeks, all while smelling the liveliness of a functioning brewery, just carried me away and it also really made me crave a fresh, frothy beer.

Dependable Ales and Lagers

I did get my beer and being the first of the day it was a real treat! Touring the brewery we made our way past the outside portion of the mill, checking out the newly adopted mash tuns and brew kettles and on to the freshly constructed open fermentation room (to my excitement!!). The two floor facility brought us downstairs and alongside the fermentation tanks. This is where the real payoff was. Grabbing an unused bottle from their bottling line I was allowed to fill it up directly from one of the tanks. Their flagship Pale Ale was so amazingly fresh I would have been happy staying in that spot for the rest of the day!

When the tasting room is completed and open to the public, there will be a view of some of the brewery for all to enjoy while drinking their favorite “dependable ales and lagers” of choice, or I’m sure for many of you, sampling a few. This room alone could be a destination. Exposed brick and old ironwork around the windows to start, add in the renovations that are happening, a bar filled with draft knobs, a backdrop of the brewery and throw in a fireplace it will get quite cozy in there.

Designed with the Environment in Mind

The entire brewery is designed with the environment in mind. In the 1800’s a paper mill was one of the uses for the factory and with it they used hydropower. Moving forward in the tradition of clean energy Brown's has engineered a Hydropower Generation Plant that they will be adding into that same space, with a goal of being able to go completely offline for power generation. They hope to eventually use their spent grain towards an onsite pressure compost to generate methane, in order to convert it to another power supplement in the brewery.

Recently they have become the 5th brewery in the State to get their Farm Brewers License, which is based in using New York State agricultural products for brewing. All of these elements together create a glimpse into what Brown’s Brewing Company is about: Love of their history, community and the environmental resources around them. The experience gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over… Or maybe that was the day of beer drinking.

Like I have mentioned, the Hoosick Brewery is not yet open for visitors. Make sure to get out to their Troy location, especially for their upcoming Oktoberfest on October 19th; it’s a blast and not too miss! They will also have some of their beers at the Farm Aid concert on the 21st of this month. Get out there and try these guys—if you haven’t yet you are truly missing out on some great beers.

Melissa Hildreth
Melissa Hildreth

Melissa Hildreth is a German fräulein and loves her beer and bratwurst. Melissa is an advocate for following your passions in life, no matter how ridiculous. She will dance the night away if the moment is right. Some have said she has an unhealthy relationship with chicken wings, but is there even really such a thing?! She also happens to be a Certified Cicerone/Mother of Dragons in case anyone’s asking.

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