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Build Your Own Six Pack

Build Your Own Six Pack

It's Friday night, and instead of putting your go-to vodka soda on a pedestal, you decide to venture out into the wilderness and drink beer. You go to the local grocery store and are straightaway bored as you walk by the uninspiring Budweiser selection. 

As hope seems to fade, you reach the "Build Your Own Six Pack" aisle and remember exactly why you came. You grab one of the folded six pack trays and your eyes begin to glow at the seemingly endless selection of craft beers the market has to offer: coffee porters, fall seasonals, hoppy IPAs…and the choices go on and on. You stand amazed, looking a little like a stoner in the candy isle. This is "your" Friday night and the grocery store has given “you” the tools you need to build one for the history books. 

The decision for your personalized pack is not an easy one, but here are a few strong competitors:

Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Wheat is a premier seasonal pumpkin spiced beer brewed by an exceptional company. This beer will make you feel just as alive as the festivities on a crisp, sunny fall afternoon. In a glass, this beer is garnished with an orange and stands tall and proud.

Captain Lawrence IPA is a hoppy beer that is continuously hopped over time during the brewing process. Captain Lawrence has a delicious, almost summery taste to it, and it truly embodies all the characteristics of a smooth IPA. It should definitely be a first-round draft pick for your six pack. 

Harpoon Dunkin Donuts Coffee Porter is a beer brewed for the coffee fanatics. The beer resembles that of a cold brewed black coffee, and the taste is memorable. This, paired with Molly’s cream liqueur and a chocolate glazed donut, will result in a perfect mesh… like that of coffee and cream. 

Guinness Stout is possibly one of the most iconic Irish bred stouts one can opt for. Drinking Guinness will not only feel satisfying but will let your peers know that you work hard and play harder. This jet black stout is not to be chugged, but admired and appreciated. Every sip will make you want to book a one-way flight to the motherland. 

These are just my thoughtful suggestions. In record time, you’ll get the courage to build your own. And when you're done, you’ll feel the same sense of accomplishment I did while walking to the self-checkout with my trophy six pack. For about ten dollars, you can turn what could've been just another mundane Friday night out into a wildly assorted home adventure.

Rob Warner
Rob Warner

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