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Burger and Beer Pairing Reference Guide

Burger and Beer Pairing Reference Guide

By: Korey David | Jun 05, 2019 | Beer and Food

Summer grilling season is here! I couldn’t be more delighted by the proposition of chowing on a delicious burger and washing it down with a cold beer. Next time you need your burger fix, don’t waste the culinary opportunity. Maximize the flavor by picking the perfect beer to pair with it! Sneak a peek at our burger and beer pairing suggestions below to satisfy your taste buds. 

For starters, you’re going to want a beer that’s medium in body, with a prominent caramel malt flavor. The right amount of caramel malt really complements the iron and blood flavors that we love about a classic hamburger. If you pick a beer that’s too light, like wit or kolsch, the burger will overpower the subtle beers flavors and texture. Pick a beer that’s too dark, and the roasted coffee and chocolate flavors will clash with the dish. While beer and food pairing isn’t an exact science, it is a bit like the fable of Goldilocks. It’s about getting it “just right!”

Style Suggestions: American Amber, Brown Ale, Pale Ale
New Belgium Fat Tire Amber
Brooklyn Brown Ale
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Adding bacon or shredded pork?
Match the additional smoke with a beer that brings the same flavors to the table!
Beer Suggestions: Belgian Dubbel, Rauchbier, Doppelbock
Spaten Optimator
Ommegang Abbey Ale

Adding jalapeno or bleu cheese?
If you increase the intensity of the dish by adding a spicy or sharp flavor, do the same with the beer without overcompensating.
Beer Suggestions: Saison, American IPA, Belgian Strong Ale
Boulevard Tank 7
Ballast Point Sculpin
Korey David

Korey David

Korey David is a 9 year industry veteran that's worked on the distribution and brewery side of the business. He's a Certified Cicerone that loves teaching others about great beer as much as he likes enjoying it himself. In addition to writing for Gotbeer, you can see Korey's work in True Brew Magazine. He prefers a dive bar with a good enough beer selection over a modern bar with an insane beer selection. If you see him out at the bar buy him a Maibock, Flanders Red, Baltic Porter or American Pale Ale.

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