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Welcome Champlain Orchards Cidery to the Capital Region

Welcome Champlain Orchards Cidery to the Capital Region

By: Erik Budrakey | March 16, 2016 | in: Craft Beer

Champlain Orchards hard ciders are crafted from fruit grown with a conscience, in beautiful and pristine Vermont. Their beautiful orchard and cidery, an easy two hour drive from Albany, overlooks Lake Champlain and the Adirondack range to the west. In all other directions, their 220 rolling acres are home to over 104 varieties of apples, as well as plums, peaches, nectarines, European and Asian Pears, raspberries, cherries, and blueberries.

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New York State Brewers Association Draft Quality Program

New York State Brewer's Association Draft Quality Program

By: Matt Zaloga | February 10, 2016 | in: Craft Beer

All brewers strive to create a quality product that can be consumed by consumers at home or at their favorite bar or restaurant. Unfortunately, there is a lot that can happen to the liquid before the beer hits the consumers lips. Time, temperature, oxygen and many other factors can affect the taste of the product. Wholesalers and retailers try to work together to limit these factors so customers can experience the beer that the brewer intended.

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Welcome Boulevard Brewing Company

Welcome Boulevard Brewing Company!

By: Matt Zaloga | January 26, 2016 | in: Craft Beer

Part of the fun of craft beer is the seemingly endless influx of new and interesting offerings that become available. With new breweries opening, and established breweries expanding to the point where they can open new markets, we are lucky here in the Capital Region to receive some of the greatest ales and lagers offered in the world. Shortly, we are excited to begin receiving product from Kansas City, MO's Boulevard Brewing!

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Dooley’s Belated Porter The Naming of a Beer

Dooley’s Belated Porter: The Naming of a Beer

By: Guest Author | December 16, 2015 | in: Craft Beer

It’s no secret that there is a lot of work that goes into naming a beer. Brewers are known to draw on styles, hop varietals, geographic references and beyond to develop a unique name for their brews. The beer world in 2015 has drawn attention to the hardship of naming brews… but the beer naming world of 2009 was not all that different.

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How Environment Can Change the Way You Drink

How Environment Can Change the Way You Drink

By: Matt Zaloga | November 17, 2015 | in: Craft Beer

Imagine sitting on a fluffy, white sand beach, the sound of waves crashing on the shore as the last rays of light dip below the horizon. As the briny sea laps at your feet, you take a swig of whatever local lager is available in the paradise you've found. In that single moment, there is no liquid more decadent than that lager. While that statement may make one long for a tropical getaway, it also brings on the question of how environment can affect the flavor of a beer. Sure, you could bring that lager you tried on your last stay at the beach. However, if you were to taste the same beer on your couch in your living room, it may not be the same experience.

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An American Dream The History of 1911 Sprits and Hard Ciders

An American Dream: The History of 1911 Sprits and Hard Ciders

By: Guest Author | November 10, 2015 | in: Craft Beer

1911 was a year full of great beginnings. It was the year Chevrolet officially entered the auto market to compete with Ford. The groundbreaking for Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts began. It marked the first Indianapolis 500 auto race. But for some of us, 1911 will be remembered as the starting point for Beak & Skiff Apple orchard. A family business that 5 generations later, has led to so much more.

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Introductory Guide to Craft Beer

Introductory Guide to Craft Beer

By: Melissa Hildreth | November 3, 2015 | in: Craft Beer

Everyone has got to start somewhere. I remember my craft beer journey. Once I started, I never looked back. Here are a few beers, tips and helpful hints to get you started on your own journey into the wonderful land of craft beer!

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Dont Forget About the Old Guys

Don't Forget About the "Old" Guys!

By: Matt Zaloga | September 29, 2015 | in: Craft Beer

Working in the business, the most asked question is, "what's new?" The craft beer drinker is constantly looking for what is new and hot. In fact, the growth in craft beer seems to be continuing at a rapid pace. There was a 19.4% growth in the number of craft breweries from 2013 - 2014, and 3,418 craft breweries were recorded in the U.S. That number is continuing to increase this year. However, while it may be fun to always try the next big thing, it is equally as important to step back, and remember the beers that kick started the craft beer revolution in the late 1970's and early 1980's. After all, if it wasn't for those breweries, no one would be drinking craft beer today!

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