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Embrace the Haze

Embrace the Haze

At the height of its empire, Britain had emigrants, sailors, and troops all around the world with India being one of its most important outposts. The demand for beer was there, but India itself was too warm for brewing. To meet this demand, London brewers quickly learned that the voyage to India could be tough on perishable beers. 

George Hodgson, a London brewer around 1780, started exporting a strong pale ale that was brewed with extra hops and higher alcohol levels in order to preserve the quality of the beer during the six-month voyage. Upon arrival, the beer was transformed into a wonderful drink known as the English IPA.

By 1830, the brewers of Burton-on-Trent developed a pale ale that tasted far better than the London brew due to its hard water. It was a brighter, crisper and drier version that became the standard for the style and the preferred export to the colonies. 

The first example of the American IPA can be traced back to San Francisco's Anchor Brewery. In 1975, Anchor released Liberty Ale made with whole Cascade hops. The Double IPA originated around the mid-late 1990s to satisfy the need of hop aficionados for increasingly hoppy products. This style utilized more malt and hops to achieve extreme bitterness and a higher alcohol content with a very distinct hop aroma and flavor balanced by a creamy maltiness.

Today, haze is all the craze! The Brewer’s Association (BA) added New England IPA to their 2018 beer style guidelines. According to the BA, “Emphasizing hop aroma and flavor without bracing bitterness, the New England IPA leans heavily on late and dry hopping techniques to deliver a bursting juicy, tropical hop experience.” 

Here are 10 hazy beers that are sure to please your palate: 

Adirondack Brewery Lake George’s IPA
Brewed with Melba and Ekuanot hops with notes of passionfruit and grapefruit (7% ABV)
Available in draft and 12oz bottles

Artisanal Daily Double IPA
Hazy, juicy Double IPA with citrus hop notes and subtle hints of tropical fruit (7.3% ABV)
Available in draft and 16oz cans

Brown’s Intonation DIPA
Double IPA with hop-forward intensity and supreme drinkability (8% ABV)
Available in draft and 16oz cans

Good Nature Blight Buster
Medium bodied American IPA with potent aromas of tropical fruit and melon (6.9% ABV)
Available in draft and 12oz cans

Long Trail VT IPA
Hazy and hoppy with the perfect balance of tropical fruit and citrus flavors (6% ABV)
Available in draft and 12oz cans

Magic Hat Taken For Granite
A juicy IPA with hop notes of grapefruit, orange, peach, and cherry (6% ABV)
Available in draft and 16oz cans

New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA
Tropical aroma and citrus hop flavor with a pleasantly smooth finish (7.5% ABV)
Available in draft and 16oz cans

Otter Creek Free Flow
A hazy, mind-melting IPA with citrusy and fruity hop flavors (6% ABV)
Available in draft and 12oz cans

Samuel Adams New England IPA
Brewed with five hop varieties delivering big citrus and tropical notes (6.8% ABV)
Available in draft and 16oz cans

Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing
A hop-heavy, unfiltered, hazy little thing called IPA (6.7% ABV)
Available in draft and 12oz cans

Brian Coffey
Brian Coffey

Brian has had many passions in life and after being in the beer industry for over 7 years, he has naturally developed a passion for craft beer - both learning about it and drinking it. He loves trying new beer, pairing it with food and if you join him, you better be able to “name that beer," rate your liking of it and describe its “notes." Brian enjoys all beer styles and feels there's a time and place for every beer. He currently has an affinity for sours, Belgians, and Germans. Outside of his love for the beer, Brian loves the Saratoga Race Track where in August you will find him with a refreshing Coors Light or Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy in hand.

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