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Four Beers That Are No April Fool's Joke

Four Beers That Are No April Fool's Joke

I love a good joke as much as the next person. However, when it comes to beer, I don’t kid around. Today, while your Facebook newsfeed blows up with fake birthdays and engagement announcements, I offer you four beers that are the real deal.

Samuel Adams Porch Rocker

I'm a big fan of Sam Adams, so naturally this limited release would make the list. Porch Rocker is a unique summer brew with a twist on the Bavarian Radler. Traditionally, a radler is a mixutre of beer and lemonade. However, Porch Rocker combines the crispness of a golden Helles lager with a blend of lemons to create a fresh squeezed tangy taste, perfect for those warmer months!

Sierra Nevada Harvest

Sierra Nevada’s Harvest series is absolutely delicious! My personal favorite, which comes out in May, is Southern Hemisphere Harvest. It’s well balanced and super easy to drink. Made with fresh New Zealand hops, Southern Hemisphere Harvest is a fruity beer with hints of citrus, orange and pine.

Ommegang Glimmerglass Saison

Brewed locally in Upstate New York, this delicious beer has hints of pear, apple and citrus. Glimmerglass also has a delicate floral hop character and a touch of spiciness. Originally the nickname of the Otsego Lake in Cooperstown, Glimmerglass is great to drink while relaxing lakeside or hiking in the Adirondacks. Get it fast, because this spring seasonal is only available for a limited time!

Brooklyn Summer Ale

This light-bodied, golden beer is the perfect warm weather drink! Brooklyn Summer Ale is a refreshing brew with a slightly bitter and citrusy flavor. It has a nice clean finish and pairs nicely with grilled food. Now in cans, Brooklyn Summer Ale is the ideal beverage for tailgating and summer gatherings!

MacKenzie Zarzycki
MacKenzie Zarzycki

MacKenzie Zarzycki was born and raised in Schuylerville, N.Y., where the beer flows like wine. Now a Certified Cicerone®, MacKenzie is on a mission to further her beer knowledge. When she’s not contributing to, she’s nursing an unhealthy level of attachment to her dog, Kylie.

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