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Healthier-For-You Alcohol Alternatives

Healthier-For-You Alcohol Alternatives

With awareness being raised concerning alcohol and calories and with New Year’s Resolutions fast approaching, many people ask how they can cut calories without completely cutting out drinking. With a few tweaks to your alcohol diet, you will be able enjoy the beers you already love with some classics and many new health-inspired drinks.
One typical beer is comparable to a piece of bread according to calorie-sensitive drinkers, but some beer is not as calorie and carb dense as you would think. The new Corona Premier is a beer that has only 90 calories and 2.6 grams of carbs. Corona Premier cuts these calories without cutting the taste, still delivering that robust Corona flavor. Another healthier beer is the new Heineken Zero, which has zero alcohol but still the same great taste and only 69 calories. These two beers have just hit stores and will truly be assets to your healthier drinking regimen. 
Truly and White Claw are two hard seltzer brands that have taken millennials and calorie counters by storm. These fruity drinks go down easy, pack the same punch as beer, have a great taste, and don’t send you into a caloric surplus. They come in a variety of flavors including blood orange, black cherry, wild berry and lime. These two brands resemble a vodka soda in a can with low carbs and a lot of flavor. They are definitely worth a try! 
Speaking of vodka sodas, one great pairing is the Saratoga distilled Pick Six Vodka with Polar Seltzer. The vodka is smooth and reasonably priced, and Polar Seltzer comes in all different flavors such as ginger lime mule, blackberry clementine and cranberry cider. Vodka and soda complement each other well and these two brands together do so even more. The vodka soda is lower in calories than other mixed drinks such as gin and tonics and rum and cokes, so this will be sure to help with the calorie count. 
Possibly the most interesting new product on the market is Pura Still Spiked Still Water. Yes, you read that correctly, alcoholic water. The refreshing drink comes in flavors of blackberry, mango and mandarin orange. They resemble a spiked seltzer without the bubbles for those looking to enjoy a carbonated drink. Pura Still is served in an elegant looking longneck bottle and will be a true hit for all those looking to be more health conscious.
Health crazes are running rampant in the Capital Region and with these new products, getting or staying in shape will seem effortless. With a mixture of these new products and your favorite beers, you won’t need to feel guilty indulging in your go-to craft beers and heavy stouts. These drinks are healthier alternatives, but they don’t seem like it with their amazing tastes. It will be as if you didn’t change anything at all. Cheers to a happy and healthy New Year!

Rob Warner
Rob Warner

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