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  • Posted by Nate Reynolds
  • September 22, 2015

Crazy About Ciders

As the summer quickly comes to a close and the leaves are on the verge of expressing their fall colors; there is only one thing on my mind, apples! Coming from a rather small town in the heart of New ...

  • Posted by Ben Fredette
  • April 14, 2015

The Spring Growing Season Begins

As winter relaxes its icy grip, nature begins the cycle of reanimation. The earth softens, and plants send their first shoots up out of the dirt to meet the warm air and sunlight. Many people spend th...

  • Posted by Guest Author
  • April 7, 2015

Keegan Ales: Milk Stouts and Coffee Beers

Let’s talk about the milk stout. Creamy, smooth and not very bitter, milk stouts (sometimes referred to as sweet stout or cream stout) are one of the most drinkable styles out there. They sometimes ge...

  • Posted by Nate Reynolds
  • January 20, 2015

SPARGING: A Strained Relationship!

Here’s an interesting word… Sparging! Many of you have probably been on a local brewery tour or have heard this term dropped by a homebrewer, but what does it mean? Well, I’m about to help you out so ...

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