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Importance of Beer Line Cleaning

Importance of Beer Line Cleaning

Brewers go through a lot to make sure the quality of their beer tastes exactly the way they intended. From picking the right yeast strains and using the freshest hops to sanitizing their equipment and fermenting at the right temperatures, all the appropriate measures are taken to ensure that the final product comes out just right. That being said, it’s a shame, that after all that hard work, the quality and flavor of a beer can be ruined by pouring it through a draft system that has not been properly maintained.

Why Clean Your Lines?

Well, for starters, dirty draft lines are extremely unsanitary. Within days of installing a new draft system, deposits such as yeast and bacteria begin to build up in draft lines. Without proper cleaning, these deposits can result in off flavors as well as the draft system’s ability to pour properly.

How to Often Should You Clean Your Lines?

According to the Brewers Association, draft lines should be cleaned every 14 days. If your establishment is located in New York, we recommend hiring a New York State Brewers Assocation Certifed Line Cleaner. These individuals have passed a written exam and performance evaluation. Having a maintenance plan in place will ensure properly working draft systems and fresh, flavorful beer.

Here’s how we handle line cleaning at DeCrescente Distributing:

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