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Ode to An Old Friend

Ode to An Old Friend

Remember when you were young and you found something exciting, then fell in love? Suddenly a new object, shiny and different came along, you got distracted and moved on to a new love, then another and most likely a few more; but you loved them all. Well, sometimes it pays to go back and visit your old loves. Obviously, I am talking about beer.

When I first got into craft beer, after years of drinking whatever I could get my hands on, I found I was drawn to India Pale Ales (IPAs), as most new craft drinkers are. They are such a departure from the old standards many of us grew up on, like the cheaper choices or whatever was hiding in your parents' fridge. From IPAs I moved to darker beers, which I would never have imagined myself drinking, but that's a discussion for another time. Today, I want to talk about my old flame and my first true beer love, Ithaca Flower Power. I remember the first time I drank a Flower Power. I was floored that anyone could jam that much flavor into a twelve-ounce bottle.

At the time, I didn't have the words to describe what I was tasting. The best I could come up with was "slightly bitter and a bit like citrus," but boy did I love that beer! I probably drank that exclusively for a month. I didn't want anything else. My fridge was stuffed with bottles and my recyclables were bright yellow and green six pack holders covered in the glowing "Flower Power" imagery. Then, someone gave me a different IPA and I realized there is a whole world of craft beer out there.

Sadly, my darling Flower Power no longer had as much real estate on my ever-shrinking beer shelf space until finally, you could no longer find one in my home. Cut to me now, married, expecting a child and several years since I drank a Flower Power, that is until the other day when I thought to myself, "Hello, old friend, I haven't seen you in a while." Then I drank it and all of my love for that beer came rushing back to me. I tasted grapefruit and pineapple. I smelled flowery notes and a slight hop resin aroma. I saw that beautiful golden hue and frothy white head. After I finished the first, I drank another and it was just as good. I remembered why I fell in love with that beer in the first place.

Ultimately, all of this was just a fancy way to implore you, my fellow craft drinker, to go back and revisit your old favorites. I think you will find that you are pleasantly surprised with the memories that beer can bring back to you. There are plenty of excellent new beers on the market and even more show up every day, but sometimes rediscovering something old feels the same as finding something new.

Zebadiah Pagerie
Zebadiah Pagerie

Zebadiah is a lover of beer. When you see him out, he is likely giving advice on what a friend should drink based on the flavor profiles they enjoy. His favorite hobby is traveling out of state for beer unavailable to him regularly.

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