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​Pairing Halloween Candy With New York State Craft Beer

​Pairing Halloween Candy With New York State Craft Beer

By: Kate Brennan | Oct 24, 2017 | Beer and Food

Halloween is my favorite time of year because, what is better than having the excuse to eat all the candy you want? Well, I think I know one thing: eating all the Halloween candy you want while drinking some of your favorite beers! Here is a list of my favorite Halloween candies paired with some great New York State craft beers:

Candy Corn with Saratoga Lager – This German-style lager has a refreshing sweetness that would bring out the nice, subtle caramel flavors in the candy.

Gummy Bears with Ommegang Witte – This Belgian-style Witbier has hints of orange and spice, which would complement the fruity, sugary flavors in the gummies.  

Hot Tamales with Ithaca Flower Power – This tropical IPA has punch of hop bitterness that would accentuate the heat from the candies.

Hershey Chocolate with Good Nature Great Chocolate Wreck – This Imperial Stout is brewed with cocoa nibs and cocoa powder and would complement the chocolate nicely.

Skittles with Druthers The Dare Gose – This Gose has a citrusy tartness, which would contrast with the sweetness of the candy to make the perfect harmony.
Kate Brennan

Kate Brennan

Kate Brennan began her career as a bartender. Her passion for beer lead her to sales, and she now manages a portfolio of great beers. Kate is known to enjoy a cold beer or two while relaxing on her patio. When she’s not selling beer, you can find her spending time with her adorable nephews.

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