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Q&A with Dan Mitchell From Ithaca Beer Co.

Q&A with Dan Mitchell From Ithaca Beer Co.

1. How did you get started in the beer industry?

I moved to Ithaca in 1994, having finished a three summer internship with a Student-run house painting business.  I entered Cornell to finish my remaining two years of college, while bartending to pay bills.  Still having the entrepreneur bug, I was looking for a business to get in to.  A couple customers at the bar I worked were asking me about local beers, and why Ithaca didn’t have their own.  I took that idea and built Ithaca Beer.
2. Tell us about your new beer, Brew York:
Brew York is an inviting and approachable pale ale that should appeal to a wide audience of craft beer enthusiasts. The beer is lower in alcohol at 5.25%, and soft on the palate making it easy to enjoy. The hop profile is fruity with berry notes, further showcasing the unique New York grown ingredients. We are currently working with 2 hop suppliers and 2 malt producers to source these ingredients: Chimney Bluffs Hoppery, Ledyard Farms, 1886 Malt House, and Country Malt Group.
3. How long has Brew York been in development?
The release of Brew York has been in the making for more than a decade. In 2004, we introduced an all NYS hopped Double IPA while working on getting the NE Hop Alliance off the ground. Myself and others were spending significant time in front of state legislators requesting financial support to bring back the once thriving NYS Hop Industry. For years, we worked closely with the Farm Bureau raising awareness and funds – ‘Brew York’ is a continuation of those efforts with more to come. As a NY business owner, I couldn’t be more humbled and proud of the efforts my team and NYS agriculture supply partners to have this beer come to fruition.
4. We have to ask, what is your desert island beer?

I’d happily drink Flower Power watching the sunset every night.

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