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Q&A with Matty-O From Fiddlehead Brewing

Q&A with Matty-O From Fiddlehead Brewing

By: Guest Author | Feb 07, 2018 | Craft Beer

1. What's your favorite style of beer, or what takes up the most real estate in your fridge?

As a student of Brewing and Beer for the last 25 years, I have developed a true appreciation for almost all styles of beer. In today's market, I tend to gravitate towards more hop-forward styles. There is a lot of research going into the development of new hop varieties and it’s fascinating to experience all the new aromas and tastes available to the modern brewer.

2. Which beers would accompany you on a deserted island?

Fiddlehead IPA was developed specifically to be that desert island beer. With its present malt backbone and hoppy aroma, Fiddlehead IPA demonstrates extreme balance with amazing complexity. The style and example make it a beer perfect for most any occasion, including being shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean! 

3. How did you get involved in craft beer?

During my college years in Ithaca, NY, I began homebrewing. One day while admittedly wasting time in the college library, I stumbled across an advertisement for a homebrew kit.  Being 19 at the time, I thought this would be a great opportunity to get some beer. I bought the kit and went to work brewing. I brewed the first batch on a hot plate in my dorm room.  I thought the beer turned out great, but I’m sure if I tried it today I wouldn't get through a bottle! From that point forward I knew I wanted to be a brewer. Upon graduating, I moved to Vermont where I landed my first brewing job in a local brew pub.  From there I went on to work at a small startup at the time called Magic Hat.  I worked there for 13 years and was promoted to the Head Brewer position. I had always wanted to start my own brewery and in 2010 I left MH to follow my dreams. 

4. How did Fiddlehead Brewery get its name?

My goal in naming the company was to choose a name that was geographically significant, but not overly obvious. 

5. What are your favorite hobbies outside of craft beer?

When I'm not making beer, chances are I'm drinking it. I am an avid skier, disc golfer, and boater, all activities that lend themselves well to a few frosty beverages. 
Guest Author

Guest Author

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