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Q&A with The Brewers from Long Trail

Q&A with The Brewers from Long Trail

1. Who came up with this beer’s recipe?

VT IPA is the culmination of a year of R&D, but Sam had used the yeast strain for a few batches of homebrew, and really liked the character. The yeast provides a clean, fruity backbone that really accentuates the hop character, while helping to provide a prominent stable haze. Once we knew that we wanted to work with that strain, we dialed in the malt to make the haze as stable as possible and ran a few trials to find which hop varieties gave the best flavor and aromatics. We had lots of discussion about what we wanted the beer to be, and how to make it without cutting corners.

2. Can you describe this beer in 10 words or less?

Soft, in your face, hazy hop explosion

3. Is there a story associated with this beer?

This is our take on a newly popular style. Vermont is known for making great beer (and is where the style originated from), and we wanted to make a great beer from a classic Vermont brewery. We’ve got a lot of heritage in the state, so the stakes were pretty high to make something enjoyable, true to style, and something that could compete on a world class level.

4. What’s a good food pairing for this beer?

Some excellent food pairings for this soft, fruity IPA would be high-fat, moderate to strong cheeses, such as English-style cheddars and young goat cheese or pepato sheep’s milk cheese (with peppercorns). It would also be a great fit for a cheese soup. Also, fried chicken, fish tacos, and cheeseburgers. Would also lend nicely to a fresh summer salad with berries and melon!

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