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Sierra Nevada Collaborates with Germany’s Weinstephan

Sierra Nevada Collaborates with Germany’s Weinstephan

By: Guest Author | Sep 19, 2018 | Craft Beer

Oktoberfest is a celebration of the changing seasons and the best way to celebrate is with friends! That’s why 4 years ago the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company set out to revamp the concept of the brewing collaboration by selecting authentic German brewers to partner with. This year’s partner Weihenstephan, the world’s oldest continuously operating brewery, might prove to be the best yet.

What separates this lager from other beers is that it’s brewed like a traditional festival style Oktoberfest. The festival version is comparatively much lighter in body than other interpretations. (Think body of a Pilsner, but flavor of an Oktoberfest.) This style of beer was meant to be consumed by the liter. Rich, malty sweet versions of the style don’t go down as quickly.

The most unique characteristics of this beer lie in the ingredients. The main flavor profile is defined by the use of Steffi malt, an old niche variety that was more commonly used throughout Europe until the introduction of the more efficient pilsner malt. And then a hop variety known as Record, a niche strain of its own, offers its own distinctly European flavor.

Look for Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest wherever you buy beer in the Capital Region and celebrate October with your friends!
Guest Author

Guest Author

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