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Taste of Summer: Sparkling Cocktails

Taste of Summer: Sparkling Cocktails

Spiked seltzers have always been your bubbly, low calorie go-to for any occasion. Well, now we’re here to introduce you to an array of sparkling cocktails that we know you’ll love to add to your summer menu! 

Corona Refresca: This refreshing cocktail brings the taste of Mexico in a can. With an ABV of 4.5% and bright flavors like Guava Lime, Passionfruit Lime, and Coconut Lime, it’s like having the tropics in your hand… even if you’re just sitting in your backyard.

Cutwater Cocktails: Whiskey, vodka, gin, rum, and tequila… whatever suits your fancy! There is an array of these ready-to-drink canned cocktails such as Tequila Margarita, Fugu Horchata Cold Brew, and Black Skimmer Whiskey Lemon Tea. Just open and pour, people won’t believe it came straight out of a can!

Crook and Marker: Naturally sweetened and gluten-free, these cocktails at 80 calories and 4% ABV are refreshing and marvelously smooth. You’ll have many flavors to choose from such as Blackberry Lime, Coconut Pineapple, and Tangerine. 

Califresca Red & White Sangria: Sangria in a bottle? What could be better? Califresca is a blend of delicious fruits and a touch of bubbly making for a light and crisp sangria flavor at 4.5% ABV. No need to put in the work making your own sangria when you can pop one of these open and enjoy on the spot. 

Cape Line: Using just six natural ingredients and 4.5% ABV to make your new favorite, Cape Line adds a spritz that is perfectly tart and not too sweet. This flip-flop worthy, summer-in-a-can, is a great addition to any occasion or a relaxing day at the lake.  

Bravazzi Hard Italian Sodas: Inspired by gourmet Italian sodas bursting with sun-ripened citrus flavor, Bravazzi excites the senses with its naturally sweet, fizzy essence and fruity aroma. These fun citrus flavors have a 4.2% ABV and include flavors like Grapefruit, Limonata and Blood Orange that will definitely dance in your mouth. 

Itz Spritz: The perfect summer drink with fresh flavors like Elderflower Citrus, Golden Pear, and Cucumber Lime Citrus. At 140 calories per can and 4.2% ABV, these gluten-free, sparkling drinks will upgrade your summer the right way.

Whether you’re at a cookout with neighbors, on the beach with your toes in the sand, spending your day at the races, or cooking s’mores at a bonfire, be the one to start the new summer trend with these new and fun sparkling cocktails!

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Lauren Sawicki
Lauren Sawicki

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