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Test Your Beer IQ

Test Your Beer IQ

The other night, I was in one of my accounts and a customer asked the bartender, after being told the draft selection, what's the difference between a Lager and an Ale was. The bartender fumbled through an explanation that really wasn't convincing. The bartender then asked me to help him through the explanation, which is entirely ok as I've been in this game for a while and I'm here to help out. This conversation sparked an idea that maybe a simple "beer quiz" would benefit the servers, bartenders and retailers out there and give them the confidence to answer these simple questions during their shift.  

So here goes, what I consider, 15 basic beer questions that a server, bartender or retailer might be asked:

1. Which style of beer can be considered smooth, crisp & clean?
A: Ales
B: Lagers

Answer is B: Lagers

2. What is the volume of a standard American keg?
A: 13.2 Gallons
B: 15.5 Gallons
C:10.8 Gallons

Answer is B: 15.5 Gallons

3. Brown bottles prevent a beer from being skunked?
A. True
B. False

Answer is B: False - Light is a big enemy of beer and will even penetrate a brown bottle.

4. After a keg is delivered to a bar/restaurant, how long until that keg is ready to be served?
A: 24 Hours
B: 12 Hours
C: 6  Hours
D: Right Away

Answer is A: 24 Hours

5. The India Pale Ale originated in England?
A: True
B: False

Answer is A: True

6. What is the oldest operating brewery in America?
A: Pabst
B: Anheuser-Busch
C: Yuengling
D: Schaefer

Answer is C: Yuengling

7. According to the Brewer's Association, how often should draft lines be cleaned?
A: Every 2 weeks
B: Every 3 weeks
C: Every 4 weeks
D: Every 6 weeks

Answer is A: Every 2 weeks

8. German pilsners are lighter bodied than Bohemian pilsners?
A. True
B. False

Answer is A: True

9. Porters originated in what European city?
A: Munich
B: Glasgow
C: London
D: Liverpool

Answer is C: London

10. American hops can best be described as?
A: Grassy, floral, lemony
B: Citrusy, pine-like, floral
C: Floral, earthy, spicy

Answer is B: Citrusy, pine-like, floral

11. The ideal maximum temperature for cold storage of kegs is?
A: 38 degrees
B: 40 degrees
C: 41 degrees
D: 42 degrees

Answer is A: 38 degrees

12. During the fermentation of ales, the yeast does which of the following?
A: Falls to the bottom
B: Rises to the top
C: Remains in suspension

Answer is B: Rises to the top

13. Which style of beer has a sweeter, fuller bodied, and fruitier taste?
A: Ales
B: Lagers

Answer is A: Ales

14. How many breweries are currently in the United States?
A: Less than 3,400
B: More than 3,400

Answer is B: More than 3,400 (3,464 in 2014)

15. In the year 2000, how many breweries we're in the United States?
A: 1,485
B: 1,513
C: 1,545
D: 1,566

Answer is D: 1,566

Richie Hayes
Richie Hayes

Richie has been on the Capital Region craft beer scene since 1989. Starting on the beverage center side in college to the wholesale beer business, local brewery representative and for the past 16 years with Decrescente Distributing. Over the years, Richie has really seen the transformation of craft beer from the early stages and enjoys sampling every new beer that comes to the area. When not talking and working craft beer, he enjoys spending time at home with his wife and daughter.

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