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The Albany 21st Birthday Bar Crawl

The Albany 21st Birthday Bar Crawl

By: Rob Warner | Nov 07, 2018 | Beer Events

On your 21st birthday, you wake up in your downtown Albany apartment with one question in mind: "Where are we going?” You start to make breakfast, and your buddy comes over with a birthday present and a beer. He tells you of this awesome bar crawl, and one word that he utters catches your ear… "free.” Yes, you heard right, "free.” Your buddy then mentions that several bars in the downtown Albany area offer free vouchers for 21st birthdays, and immediately you turn the stove off, abort breakfast and order up an Uber. Your first destination is Bomber's Burrito Bar and you're nothing less than excited when you arrive.
Bomber's is a bar-restaurant on Lark Street that offers a large courtesy beverage for customers on their 21st. With the presentation of your driver's license, several straws are placed into a delicious margarita for you and your friends. The reason Bombers is such a catalyst for the bar crawl is that they also sell food. There is a twenty-dollar minimum with the voucher, but you and your friends will be more than satisfied with the food options. The menu and drinks kickstart the day, and the next destination is not far away.
Olde English Pub is a great spot for appetizers and quality drinks. On your 21st birthday at Olde English, when you present your driver's license, you are given the option of cider or beer. There is no correct answer here, but the bartender will pour a large teacup full of your choice when you put down a forty-dollar security deposit. Yes, you get this back if you don't break the cup, and yes, you will want to share what’s in the cup with your friends. You may also be tempted to order apps, because the food smells phenomenal. Not so fast… as you reach for a menu, your friend urges you towards the door as your next Uber has arrived.
Wolff’s Biergarten is a sports bar across the street from Stout in downtown Albany. The bar offers authentic German beers at a reasonable cost, along with buckets of peanuts and a bucket of darts. And you’ll get a gigantic beerfest inspired boot filled to the brim. At this point after Bomber's and Olde English, you are definitely feeling the buzz. Wolff’s Biergarten is a good stop for this point in the bar crawl because so much time can be killed there. With the welcoming atmosphere and the dart throwing, one could spend good two or three hours there. Given you have another Uber coming, the next destination awaits as you dust yourself off and finish your last handful of peanuts.

Washington Tavern on Western Avenue is a notorious college bar. They sell dollar beers on Tuesday and Friday nights, and on your 21st birthday they give you a bottle of champagne on the house. If your birthday falls on either of these days, watch out! Dollar beers can get dangerously fun since it attracts such a large crowd from the nearby schools.

Another heavy hitter on the bar crawl, and by this time it may honestly be time for bed, is The Pub on Madison. This college bar is great as it caters well to those who like to venture out on thirsty Thursdays. On your 21st birthday, you receive a fishbowl. You heard right… a fishbowl! The bartender will ask for your driver's license, and then proceed to make you a heavily counted fluorescent blue colored drink in a round, plastic, fish shaped bowl. Again, at this point sharing is caring!

At the end of the night, it’s safe to say you'll feel a sense of accomplishment. You'll probably need to call out of work tomorrow, but it will have been worth it because when you wake up, you look in your wallet to realize you spent a whopping ten dollars on food and Ubers combined and zero on drinks! The 21st birthday bar crawl in downtown Albany is one of the most ridiculously memorable college experiences. And, when you recount your tale with your friends from elsewhere, they'll also question your sanity when you utter the word "free.”
Rob Warner

Rob Warner

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