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The Best Apps For Craft Beer Geeks

The Best Apps For Craft Beer Geeks

The ongoing demand for instant information at our fingertips has created several new innovations in the application marketplace. The phrase “there’s an app for that!” can literally now be applied to every facet of life, including craft beer. We now have apps that are directly for craft beer lovers that fill every niche of the social network. There are several craft beer apps that have found their way onto my home screen, here are my top favorites.


Untappd is to the drinking world what Facebook is to the rest of the world. Instead of sharing your political views, pictures of your kids, and reading random articles by Bored Panda, you get to post pictures and reviews of what you’re drinking - where friends can “toast” it and leave comments. This app also keeps track of your beers shared in a journal and will reward you with badges for hitting certain criteria. It can also recommend other beers based off your shared styles and lets you find nearby businesses that serve it. This was the only craft beer app on my phone for a long time and it has served its purpose well.

Beer Menus

Beer Menus is a simple concept but does its job so well. It requires a monthly investment from establishments but in return shares a well put together beer menu for you to view through the app. The interface allows you to search by beer or establishment and can use your GPS to find locations nearest you. Once you create a profile you can follow certain businesses and allow alerts to let you know when something new has come on draft. This app is fairly new but is growing exponentially; if your favorite place to imbibe is not on here… it will be soon!


BJCPStyles app is for the ultimate app for beer geeks or professionals - whichever you like to go by. The app includes both the 2008 and 2015 Beer Judge Certification Program guidelines for judging beer by style. It includes the parameters, tasting notes, history and recommended brands pertaining to each style of recognized beer. This app is chalk full of information and became extremely helpful in studying for my Certified Cicerone exam. I use it on a regular basis for judging home-brew competitions and for brushing up on my knowledge of styles. Although this app may contain more information then the light craft drinker may want, it has become my bible for beer and I highly recommend to anyone looking to further their understanding of styles.

Brewery Passport

Brewery Passport is my app for travel and has quickly become one of my favorites. It uses your location to show local breweries and brewpubs and can directly link you to their Facebook or website. Your profile allows you to create tasting notes and stamp your passport to share your experiences with your friends and family over social media. This is the best app for finding what “local” has to offer whenever you are in an unfamiliar territory.

Nate Reynolds
Nate Reynolds

Beer fanatic is quite the understatement when describing Nate Reynolds. From brands to home brews, Nate knows it all (or at least wants to). Obsessed since early college years, Nate dreamed to make a career for himself in the beer industry. Posts written by Nate will be packed full of information (seriously, gauntlets of information) because frankly… that’s what he’s all about; educating people about beer. When he’s not working, Nate can be found brewing up something funky in the Adirondacks with his beautiful wife and Aussies, or at an EQX concert!

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