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The Health Freak's Guide to Drinking Beer

The Health Freak's Guide to Drinking Beer

All beers are not created equal – this I swear by. Some beers are just naturally healthier for you, while others simply are not. Before you start feeling guilty about knocking a few back, remember that beer is packed with nutrients, like hops and barley. Healthy beer drinking is a matter of finding the right beer and drinking in moderation. Here are a few brews that pack a healthy punch:

Guinness Draught

Everyones St. Paddy's pint of choice, Guinness Draught has a creamy, decadent flavor and many surprising health benefits! This dark Irish blend is packed with polyphenols, which are antioxidants that lower cholesterol and fight cancer. Guinness Draught has fewer carbs and calories than beers like Budweiser or Heineken. This stout also has an alcohol content of 4.0, but try not to use that as an excuse to pound car bombs!

Sam Adam's Light Lager

It's not just a lighter version of Sam Adams Boston Lager, but a healthier one too. What the brewers at Sam Adams did was create a light beer without sacrificing flavor. With every sip of Sam Adams Light, you'll receive a balanced flavor and a light-bodied taste. Plus, no other domestic light beer uses only four classic beer ingredients: pure water, lager yeast, Noble hops and barley malt.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

If you like hoppy beer, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is for you! While more hops generally mean more alcohol, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale also contains a higher content of polyphenols. With a beautiful balance of different flavors, this IPA is light-bodied, refreshing and smooth. For my foodie folks, Pale Ale tastes great with grilled steak and roasted vegetables.

Glutiny Pale Ale

For those of you with a gluten intolerance, this beer is for you! New Belgium developed a line of gluten-reduced beer called Glutiny. They use an enzyme to break down the gluten into smaller fragments. This enzyme is added during the brewing process. New Belgium then analyzes the finished beer in the lab using the industry-supported R5 Competitive ELISA method. The result is a beer with all of the barley malt-derived flavor without all the gluten.

Yuengling Light Lager

An exceptional brew that appeals to consumers who don’t want to sacrifice character for a low-calorie light beer. Masterfully developed to maintain the full flavor profile akin to their flagship Lager brand, but has only 99 calories per 12oz serving. Skillfully pairing a caramel malt flavor and mild hop character creates a beautifully rich-colored beer with deep amber highlights that finishes smooth and clean.

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MacKenzie Zarzycki
MacKenzie Zarzycki

MacKenzie Zarzycki was born and raised in Schuylerville, N.Y., where the beer flows like wine. Now a Certified Cicerone®, MacKenzie is on a mission to further her beer knowledge. When she’s not contributing to, she’s nursing an unhealthy level of attachment to her dog, Kylie.

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