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Your Beer Guide For Memorial Day Weekend

Your Beer Guide For Memorial Day Weekend

It's finally that time of the year – the sun is hot, the grill is ready, and the beer is ice cold. Nothing screams "hello summer" like Memorial Day weekend. Whether you spend your weekend at a backyard BBQ, camping in the Adirondacks or boating along the lake, most of your weekends will have a common theme – BBQ and beer. Here are some food and beer pairings for your Memorial Day weekend.


A flavorful juicy hamburger deserves to be paired with a flavorful juicy beer. That's why an IPA is a great choice to serve with this grill season staple. The salty and fatty flavors are cut perfectly by the bitterness of an IPA. Add some cheese to that burger (duh) and experience an even bigger contrast in flavor intensity. Give it a try this upcoming holiday.

Kaylie's Pick: Ballast Point Sculpin


They're sweet, tangy, messy, and a staple in your BBQ cuisine. The best friend a rib could ever have is a Brown Ale. The malty and sweet components in a brown ale compliment the saucy deliciousness of a rib. Try it, I dare ya.

Kaylie's Pick: Newcastle Brown Ale


We all know that a summer BBQ isn't quite a party until the clams hit the grill. They're salty and light flavor can get overpowered by some heavy and bitter beers. That's why a Saison is the perfect choice. It's refreshing and effervescent, without overwhelming the delicate flavor in shellfish. Let the clam bake commence!

Kaylie's Pick: Boulevard Tank 7


The sun is down, the bonfire is roaring, what else is missing? This sweet treat doesn't need to be consumed alone. Why not try pairing a Stout alongside and see how the flavors will burst! The chocolate and roasted flavors will compliment the crisp, gooey marshmallow and melted chocolate. The perfect ending to a long day!

Kaylie's Pick: Brown's Oatmeal Stout

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Kaylie Radliff
Kaylie Radliff

Kaylie is a nightlife lover, eater of all things Italian, and compulsive dancer. She enjoys a cold beer while golfing or beaching and is always down for trying new beer styles. In her free time, she loves spending time with her friends and family and cuddling up with her pup Fenway.

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