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  • Posted by Guest Author
  • September 19, 2018

Sierra Nevada Collaborates with Germany’s Weinstephan

Oktoberfest is a celebration of the changing seasons and the best way to celebrate is with friends! That’s why 4 years ago the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company set out to revamp the concept of the brewin...

  • Posted by MacKenzie Zarzycki
  • September 4, 2018

Best Beers to Enjoy During Football Season

Football season is finally upon us. Whether you prefer a sports bar or the comfort of your own home, watching football is so much better when you have a cold beer in your hand. With that in mind, here...

  • Posted by Stephen Pendergast
  • August 15, 2018

A Guide to Proper Beer Glassware: Hazy IPA

One of the most subtly important aspects of drinking a beer is the vehicle of the beer itself. While beer is drunk predominantly from cans, glass bottles, glasses, and even plastic cups, most beer dri...

  • Posted by Stephen Pendergast
  • August 1, 2018

Just What Is Summer Beer?

July has come and gone, and by now most beer drinkers have checked out the various "summer beers" on the market. I know I’ve been overwhelmed by the variety of beers with the sub-name “summer” availab...

  • Posted by MacKenzie Zarzycki
  • June 26, 2018

5 Patriotic Beers for Your Summer Celebrations

The summer has finally arrived! And with Fourth of July almost here, we’ve taken the liberty to compile a list of patriotic beers that you might want to enjoy this holiday.

  • Posted by Stephen Pendergast
  • June 19, 2018

Beer and Food Pairings For Summer

Summer is in full swing, and the Capital Region was never so appreciative! We always greet the sun and warmth with the respect such a season deserves: drinking and merriment. Graduation parties, a spr...

  • Posted by Guest Author
  • May 15, 2018

Q&A with Dan Mitchell From Ithaca Beer Co.

We get up close and personal with Ithaca Beer Co. owner, Dan Mitchell, in this intimate Q&A.

  • Posted by MacKenzie Zarzycki
  • May 8, 2018

Craft Beers You Need to Drink This Summer

May has arrived and you know what that means… summer is almost here! Once Memorial Day weekend hits, it’s barbecues, trips to the lake, concerts, and a whole lot more. We did some painstaking research...

  • Posted by Brian Coffey
  • April 10, 2018

Embrace the Haze

Today, haze is all the craze! Here are 10 hazy beers that are sure to please your palate.

  • Posted by Guest Author
  • April 3, 2018

Q&A with The Brewers from Long Trail

We get up close and personal with Long Trail Head Brewers, Sam Clemens and Ian Harbage, in this intimate Q&A.

  • Posted by MacKenzie Zarzycki
  • March 27, 2018

Albany Craft Beer Week Events (April 2-7, 2018)

The 2nd Annual Albany Craft Beer Week kicks off next week! Don't miss these great craft beer events happening all week long throughout Albany.

  • Posted by MacKenzie Zarzycki
  • March 12, 2018

It’s Not a Patty, People!

Every year around this time, something grates on me like nails on a chalkboard… “Happy St. Patty’s Day.”

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