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A Guide to Proper Beer Glassware Märzen

A Guide to Proper Beer Glassware: Märzen

By: Stephen Pendergast | September 25, 2018 | in: Beer Tips

There are few things in the beer world as traditional and characteristic as the stein glass or the modern rendition often called the beer mug. I find that there's nothing better than drinking beer out of a stein when on a night out with friends. As soon as I see the server coming to the table holding a round of beer in steins, I cannot help but feel merry. It's a glass that demands a group of friends to start cheering and seems to embody the roaring good time that will ensue.

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New Yorks Take on the Traditional Märzen

New York's Take on the Traditional Märzen

By: Ben Richards | October 3, 2017 | in: Craft Beer

With the changing of the seasons comes the quick and feverous shifting of the craft beer drinker's palate. Rolling into the fall weather, beer enthusiasts start to seek out the heavier, maltier, and all around full-bodied offerings, not only from their local breweries, but from the nation-wide producers as well. Today, I want to talk a little bit about the fall seasonal offerings from our New York State breweries, specifically their take on a traditional Oktoberfest style, the Märzen.

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Oktoberfest Marzen or Festbier?

Oktoberfest: Marzen or Festbier?

By: Matt Zaloga | August 17, 2016 | in: Craft Beer

Despite the heat and humidity, the time of year has come when we start seeing less citrusy, light beers of summer and more of the malty and spice forward beers of fall. One of the most popular styles for fall is the Oktoberfest, a German lager beer that was originally brewed and aged to celebrate the fall harvest.

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