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Homebrewing for Competition Part Two

Homebrewing for Competition: Part Two

By: Bill Ramsey | May 16, 2017 | in: Homebrewing

This year I decided to enter a couple of my homebrews into the National Homebrew Competition. The National Homebrew Competition is the largest homebrew competition in the U.S. and is held every year as part of Homebrew Con. Homebrewers from all over the country submit their beers to compete against their peers and this year there were over 8,600 entries. In order to judge all these beer, the first round of the competition is divided into 12 regions. The top three beers in each category from each region move on to the final round and are judged at Homebrew Con. From there, the best three beers are picked from each category and the brewer is awarded a gold, silver or bronze medal and the brewer of the best beer also gets a cool prize. The top beers in each category then duke it out for the best of show award.

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An Introduction to Water Chemistry in Brewing

An Introduction to Water Chemistry in Brewing

By: Ben Fredette | October 27, 2015 | in: Homebrewing

When I began Home-brewing, I had no idea that one day, six years later, I would be emailing the head of my city's water department to ask how much calcium, bicarbonate, and magnesium was in my drinking water. Water makes up more than 90% of the beer, but it rarely gets any of the press. Hops, malt, and even yeast get more of the attention than water does. The contribution that hops make to a beer is obvious, especially with the popularity of hop-forward American styles. Drink an English porter, Irish stout, or German Vienna Lager, and the flavor that malt adds to a beer becomes obvious. The growing popularity of Belgian-style Farmhouse Saisons shows that we can appreciate the phenol and ester compounds that yeast bring to the party. The common denominator between all these varied styles is water, but what does it do for the beer?

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