The Road to the Cicerone

Cicerone Certification Program

Cicerone Beer Certification

Ever heard of the Cicerone Certification Program? It’s similar to The Certified Sommelier Examination for wine, but it’s for people who are passionate about beer. Here at gotbeer we have 70 Certified Beer Servers and 8 Certified Cicerones.


What’s a Cicerone?

The word Cicerone (pronounced sis-uh-rohn) describes someone with a proven expertise in selecting, acquiring and serving today’s wide range of beers. There are three levels: Certified Beer Server, Certified Cicerone and Master Cicerone and one test associated with each level. Take it from us, the program is no walk in the park!


What’s the purpose?

When you walk into an establishment, you will most likely ask the bartender or your server about the beer selection. Obviously, you are going to trust and respect their judgment, as they are the professionals after all. But do they really know their stuff?

The purpose of The Cicerone Certification Program is to ensure that consumers receive the best quality beer at every service establishment. A Cicerone should not only be able to tell you about the different styles of beer, but also about the type of glassware they require and what kinds of foods they pair nicely with. You see, a Cicerone is beer expert. And every service establishment should have at least one!


Ready to take the exam?

Ok, beer geek, when you’re ready to take the exam, offers extensive information about the program, including free study resources and sample exam questions. The site also allows you to access or register for the certification exams and the optional paid education programs. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t pass the first time. We all didn’t. Good luck, and Godspeed!

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